Some Easy Steps To Catch A Bus From Kl To Melaka

Some Easy Steps To Catch A Bus From Kl To Melaka

Malaysia has become a favorite tourist attraction in recent days. People flock together with family and friends to visit this exotic location and spend some quality time there. If you are on a holiday and would like to catch a bus from KL to Melaka, there are many things that you should consider doing. After all, catching a bus on a holiday is not that easy as you should understand many others will be holidaying like you.

Here are some simple tips that will help you to catch a bus in a jiffy. Before entering into the details you should first understand about Melaka. This is one of the favorite cities that most of the tourists plan to visit. The rich cultural heritage and the simplicity of the place makes it a must visit point in Malaysia. Most of the tourists visit Melaka from the capital city and sometimes people flock together from Singapore too. Reaching Melaka by bus is convenient as it takes hardly four to five hours from both the places.

How to plan your trip to Melaka?

If you are planning to catch a bus from KL to Melaka, then you should understand about the various bus terminals available in the city. There are two main bus terminals from where the buses depart to different locations inside the country. Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and Pudu Raya are the two important terminals in the country and you can choose any one based on your convenience and the place where you are staying. Buses are available to Melaka from 7 am and throughout the day till 11 PM. There are many bus operators that support and help the passengers from KL.

Some notable ones are Konsortium Bas Express, Delima, Transnasional, Maju Express, Mayang Sari, Nice Executive Coach, Jebat Express, and so on. You can choose the one that best serves your budget and needs. These buses are the only options for people who wish to travel to Melaka from KL. If you are planning to catch a bus from the airport the total travel time will be about 2 and half hours.

If you are planning for a same day departure then it is quite easy for you to purchase the tickets to Melaka. There are many online options to purchase tickets and you can finish the job in a jiffy. However, you may find it a bit difficult if you are planning to visit Melaka on a public holiday or religious holiday. The traffic and the number of people visiting the city will be high and it will be a tough time to get the tickets.

When it comes to the charges, it differs based on the bus operators. Some may have a reasonable charge while some will be quite expensive, owing to the comfort in travel. As mentioned before, Melaka is a city that has a rich heritage and culture. Therefore, make sure to carry things that you may need. Sometimes, you may find it tough to acquire certain things during your travel to Melaka.

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